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R & D

Jiangsu Liujia Technology Co., Ltd.
Has A Super Polymer Material Engineering Research Institute

Yancheng Superpolymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Institute was established in 2001, with the theme of technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements as the core, committed to the technological progress and development of high-performance fiber industry. Mainly engaged in UHMWPE fiber and other engineering technology research, engineering technology consultation, engineering design, technical personnel training; high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber production line equipment design, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, start-up services, product development, quality assurance and other businesses.


Yancheng Institute of Superpolymer Materials Engineering Technology currently has 5 senior titles and 15 intermediate titles. Since 2001, Yancheng Ultra-Strong Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Institute has mainly provided ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber engineering design, engineering equipment and technical services. It has successively undertaken the construction of Beijing Tongyizhong Special Fiber Co., Ltd. Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Aidi Polymer Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Southeast Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xiangsheng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd., Hebei Kunteng Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qianxi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Shandong Xiangyu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Shente New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiujiujiu Technology Co., Ltd. and many other super-strength fiber production line projects have been well received by users.

Recent research direction: Adhere to the policy of transforming scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, and jointly develop high-tech and high-value-added products with the School of Materials, Donghua University, China and the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Accelerate the development to provide complete sets of engineering technology with reliable technology and perfect equipment:
1. The production line of jelly-spun ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber has been upgraded.
2. Research and development of dry spinning ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber production line.
3. Research and development of carbon fiber production equipment engineering.
4. the improvement of continuous high-strength and high-modulus fiber non-weft production line.

Jiangsu Liujia Technology Co., Ltd.
Has A Post-Doctoral Research Station

On March 14, 2009, our company was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Personnel Department to establish a post-doctoral innovation practice base of Jiangsu Liujia Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., which achieved a breakthrough in establishing a provincial-level enterprise post-doctoral innovation practice base in Yandu District at that time; it was approved to be established in 2015. National-level post-doctoral scientific research station, the establishment of post-doctoral scientific research station has played a positive role in the cultivation, use and attraction of high-level professional and technical personnel, and the construction of enterprise technology innovation system. In addition, it also provides a broader platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, which has a positive and far-reaching impact on enhancing the corporate brand image, corporate technological innovation capabilities, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Our company will conscientiously implement the spirit of the superior documents, implement various national and provincial policies and management systems on postdoctoral work, effectively strengthen the construction of provincial postdoctoral scientific research stations, and take serving the overall economic construction as the starting point and end point of postdoctoral scientific research station construction. , organically combine the promotion of postdoctoral work with maintaining growth, development, and promoting independent innovation, so as to make greater contributions to economic development and scientific and technological progress.

Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation

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Jiangsu Liujia Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, an innovative enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a national post-doctoral research station, a graduate workstation in Jiangsu Province, a high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber equipment engineering technology research center in Jiangsu Province, and an enterprise technology in Jiangsu Province. Center, member of National High Performance Fiber Professional Committee, executive director unit of China Chemical Fiber Association, member unit of China Textile Machinery Association, member unit of Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society. There are a total of 282 employees, including 116 college graduates or above, 69 personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles, and 35 technical personnel engaged in high-tech research and development. With its professional level and mature technology in high-performance fiber production equipment, the company has sprung up in the field of high-performance fiber engineering technology and special equipment manufacturing. An enterprise that provides one-stop technical services for commissioning, driving, and personnel training.