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  • UD Fabrics

    UD Fabrics

    UD Fabrics: important materials with many applications UD fabric, also known as unidirectional fabric, is a textile material that is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and wide range of applications.  UD fabrics are ...
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  • Aerospace


    Application Display In aerospace engineering, due to its light weight, high strength and good impact resistance, the fiber composite is suitable for wing tip structure, spacecraft structure and buoy aircraft of all kinds of aircraft....
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  • Cables & Ropes

    Cables & Ropes

    Application Display The rope, cable, sail and fishing gear made of the fiber are suitable for marine engineering. It is the initial use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. Now it is widely used in negative force rope, ...
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  • Marine Industry

    Marine Industry

    Application Display In the vigorous development of marine economy, deep-sea aquaculture is a huge industry. However, the cage used in the past is made of nylon, nylon and polypropylene, so its anti online game ability is poor. In ord...
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  • Medical Care

    Medical Care

    Application Display UHMWPE fiber has good biocompatibility with human body, so it can be made into medical suture, artificial bone and bone mortar for medical use. ...
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  • Military Field

    Military Field

    Application Display The bulletproof board made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber can be used for tanks, armored vehicles, bulletproof vehicles and all combat transport vehicles that need bulletproof requirements, so a...
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  • Optical Cable

    Optical Cable

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  • Protective Equipment

    Protective Equipment

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  • Sports Equipment

    Sports Equipment

    Application Display UHMWPE fiber main chain has good combination, high orientation and crystallinity, low density, high strength and modulus, good toughness and wear resistance, and has outstanding advantages of high impact and high ...
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