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About the definition and the name of the non-weft fabric and the division of the non-weft fabric industry. This article will give you a detailed explanation.The high-performance fiber "UD" fabric is made of ultra-high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers as the base material, uniformly spread through advanced high-tech equipment, impregnated with high-strength elastomer resin and glued with film, and then warped at 0°/90º Bi-orthogonal composite laminate. The product has excellent properties such as soft hand feel, low density, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and strong cutting resistance.The product can be widely used in soft bullet-proof clothing, lightweight bullet-proof helmet, lightweight bullet-proof armor plate, anti-stab, anti-cut clothing lining and special public anti-riot facilities and other fields, is currently the world's high strength, light weight bullet-proof material.

The equipment and process for continuous preparation of weft - free cloth belong to the field of mechanical technology. It is necessary to set up a series of equipment from front to back, such as wire laying equipment, release paper unwinding equipment, multi-roller hot pressing equipment, release paper unwinding equipment, isolation film unwinding equipment, cutting device, winding device and so on, and then made by professional operation. It is characterized in that the hot pressing equipment is provided with pressing hot roll and pressing cold roll, and the rolling bracket of the release paper winding equipment is provided with the release paper stripping device. The isolation film unwinding equipment comprises the isolation film unwinding box body, the front part of the box body is provided with a transition roller, the middle part of the box body is symmetrically provided with a pressing roller, a rotating shaft is symmetrically arranged between the brackets on both sides of the cutting device, and a preset number of toothless circular saw blades are arranged on the rotating shaft. The beneficial effect of the invention is that the equipment and process can effectively and continuously produce one-way weft free cloth, cutting and winding neatly, convenient operation, low cost, effectively prevent fiber wire breaking, distortion and other problems, and greatly improve the production quality of weft free cloth.

Post time: May-03-2022