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The application prospect of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber manufacturer's molecular weight polyethylene fiber.

Molecular weight polyethylene fiber has many excellent characteristics, it shows great advantages in the market of high-performance fiber, including mooring lines in offshore oil fields to high-performance lightweight composite materials, and plays a decisive role in modern war and aviation, aerospace, sea defense equipment and other fields.

National Defense

Because of its good impact resistance and large energy absorption, the fiber can be made into protective clothing, helmet and bulletproof material in military. For example, helicopter, tank and ship armor protection plate, radar protective shell cover, missile cover, body armor, stab clothing, shield and so on. Among them, the application of body armor is eye-catching. It has the advantage of being light and more bulletproof than aramid, and has now become the dominant fiber in the U.S. bulletproof vest market. In addition, the U/ P of UHMWPE fiber composite is 10 times that of steel, and more than twice that of glass fiber and Arlene fiber. Around the world, bulletproof and riot helmets made of the fiber-reinforced resin composite have become an alternative to steel helmets and helmets made of aramid reinforced composites.


In aerospace engineering, because of its light weight, high strength and good impact resistance, fiber composite materials can be applied to the wing tip structure of various aircraft, spacecraft structure and buoy aircraft. Fiber can also be used to slow down parachutes for space shuttle landings and to suspend heavy loads from aircraft, replacing traditional steel cables and synthetic fiber ropes at a rapid pace.

Civil Aspects

(1)Rope, rope application: rope, rope, sail and fishing gear made of the fiber is suitable for Marine engineering, is the original use of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber. High strength and high modulus POLYETHYLENE fiber is widely used in load rope, heavy duty rope, salvage rope, tow rope, sailing rope and fishing line. Rope made of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber breaks eight times longer than steel rope under its own weight and twice as long as aramid fiber. The rope made of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber is used as anchor rope for oil tankers, offshore operating platforms, lighthouses, etc. This kind of application solves the problem that the cable strength is reduced and broken due to the corrosion of steel cable and the corrosion, hydrolysis and ultraviolet degradation of nylon and polyester cable, which need to be replaced frequently.

(2) Sports equipment supplies: helmets, snowboards, sailboards, fishing rods, rackets, bicycles, gliders, ultra-light aircraft parts, etc. have been made into sports goods, and their performance is better than traditional materials.

(3) Used as a biological material: The fiber-reinforced composite material is used in dental tray materials, medical implants and plastic sutures, etc. It has good biocompatibility and durability, and has high stability. Cause allergy, has been used for clinical application. It is also used in medical gloves and other medical measures.

(4) In industry, the fiber and its composite materials can be used as pressure-resistant containers, conveyor belts, filter materials, automobile buffer boards, etc.; in construction, it can be used as walls, partition structures, etc. Improve the toughness of cement and improve its impact resistance.

Post time: May-20-2022