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1, the whole system adopts intelligent PLC computer program control, the operation is very simple and convenient. Greatly reduce the labor (4-5 people), reduce the cost, improve the work efficiency. It is one of the most advanced equipment on the market.
2, the machine is equipped with automatic rewinding, unwinding, film release, film rewinding, automatic correction, composite drying, water cooling, automatic edge cutting and other units. The composite material has the advantages of uniform gluing, flat composite, no stretching deformation, no bubbling, no wrinkle, soft, good air permeability, neat winding and so on.
3, there are many kinds of composite materials, such as: fabric and fabric, fabric (double-sided or four-sided elastic type) and film (high permeability film or low permeability film), non-woven fabric and leather, sponge and flannelette, sponge and leather, paper and cloth and other materials coating composite.
4, winding can be according to different materials, to choose the appropriate winding way. (Large roll can be customized)
5, suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating composite, to achieve a multi-purpose function.
6, gluing amount and gluing style can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs.
7, the drum heating can be heated by electricity, steam or heat conduction oil.
8. The cut scrap belt adopts the way of automatic blowing, which does not need to be pulled manually.
9. The width of the machine roller surface can be specified according to the width of the actual material.

Post time: Nov-25-2022