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"To share at this moment, the people's united front of Yandu region "- Yandu District party groups Mid-Autumn symposium in the crane company smoothly held

On the morning of September 18, the 2021 Yandu District party group Mid-Autumn symposium with the theme of "To share at this moment, the people's united front of Yandu region" was successfully held in Jiangsu Liujia Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. Zhang Sulong, member of the Standing Committee of Yandu District Committee, Director of the United Front Work Department, and representatives of various democratic parties and groups attended the symposium. Guo Zixian, chairman of the company (member of the Central Enterprise Committee of China National Construction Corporation, Director of the Enterprise Committee of China National Construction Corporation Yancheng) warmly received the company.
Accompanied by Chairman Guo Zixian, ZHANG and representatives of various parties and groups first visited the company's equipment manufacturing workshop, gold processing workshop and research and development center. President Guo Zixian introduced the development of the company in detail and focused on the company's main research and development team and Z's newly developed high-efficiency continuous bulletproof UD weft cloth production line, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber small test line, pilot test line and industrialization line. Mr. Zhang and his delegation fully praised the innovative strength, spirit and achievements of Liujia Technology

Later, accompanied by Chairman Guo Zixian, Zhang and his party visited Yandu Minjian Members' Home.
At the forum, Chairman Guo Zixian extended a warm welcome to all the guests and sent his best wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. Later, Zhang and representatives from all parties exchanged speeches on the theme of "Better promote the construction of the party itself and help promote the high-quality economic development of Yandu". To promote the high-quality development of Yandu, to create a high-quality life to contribute wisdom and strength.

Post time: Aug-13-2022