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UD fabric has excellent properties such as soft feel, low density, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, cutting resistance and toughness. It is widely used in soft body armor, lightweight bullet-proof helmet, lightweight bullet-proof armor plate, anti-stabbing, anti-cutting clothing lining and special public anti-riot facilities. It is a bullet-proof material with high strength and light weight in today's world.

UD fabric

Uni-Directional Cloth (also known as UD cloth) focuses its strength in one direction. UD fabric can be made by overlapping several pieces of one-way cloth at a certain Angle. At present, weft less cloth of high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is generally prepared by the following process: Multiple high molecular weight polyethylene fibers are arranged in one direction through the process of uniform, parallel and straight warping, etc., and the unidirectional cloth is made by gluing each fiber.

The multi-layer unidirectional cloth is laid in sequence according to 0 degrees ~90 degrees, and the unidirectional cloth is made by gluing each layer. The unidirectional cloth prepared by the existing technology includes a plurality of high molecular weight polyethylene fibers warped in a certain direction and bonded into one.

As the high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is a filament bundle structure, each high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is an independent individual, so the warping process of each fiber is complicated, the production cost is high, and in the warping and gluing process, it is easy to cause defects such as broken wire, twisting, winding and knotting, uneven arrangement, etc., these defects will prevent one-way cloth or weft less cloth from transmitting external force. The phenomenon of stress concentration is easy to occur, which reduces the strength and bulletproof properties of UD fabric or weft less cloth.

Now the domestic demand for weft less cloth began to increase, but there is no perfect production technology, the general equipment is to use film or other carriers to prepare weft less cloth, and then to peel off, cumbersome operation, high cost, higher price of imported equipment.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the invention provides continuous weft less cloth preparation equipment and process, solves the problems of cumbersome operation, high cost and low efficiency existing in the current weft less cloth preparation equipment, as well as the problems of broken wire, twisting, winding and knotting, uneven arrangement and other defects in the one-way cloth preparation process affecting the strength and elasticity of weft less cloth.

UD Fabric

Aiming at the pre-preparation process of one-way cloth, the invention provides continuous preparation equipment and process of weft less cloth, which includes release paper unwinding equipment, multi-roll hot pressing equipment, release paper unwinding equipment, isolation film unwinding equipment, cutting device and winding device.

The equipment can continuously produce UD fabric, cut off and rewinding equipment, convenient operation and low cost. This process uses the upper and lower release paper to heat and press the fibers after warping instead of spraying adhesive. By adjusting the pressing temperature and pressure, the fibers can achieve the purpose of uniform forming, which can prevent the fiber breaking, twisting and other problems resulting in insufficient strength and elasticity of the weft less cloth, and improve the production quality of the weft less cloth.

Post time: Apr-20-2023